Support your favourite pub, be it your local around the corner, your after work pub of choice or just that one with a special place in your heart and make sure they can survive the Corona pandemic.


The Corona crisis affects us all – some more than others. But it’s especially your local that suffer the most and that might fear about their existence during these unpredictable circumstances.

Imagine this; it’s Friday and you want to hang out with your colleagues after work in the pubs nearby. You guys enjoy yourselves and you order one drink after another, life is good. Whilst you are having a fun night out, your pub can pay their employees and ensure they will be there for you next week as well. That’s how it’s supposed to be, right.

But unfortunately we are currently facing the Corona pandemic. Therefore owners from bars, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs or cafés are fearful about their existence. They don’t know if they can keep their businesses alive, let alone how to pay their employees. That what currently plays a huge part in our social lives, could be over soon due to pub closures as a consequence of the corona pandemic. Would you like to support your local in those tough times? Great! Then please continue to read.

#stayhome is really important to us, we support this. But the economical consequences are still unpredictable. Together we are able to reduce those effects.


This website just launched, so we are looking for pubs, bars, clubs and cafes that would like to take part. Share this website, especially with the owners from your local.
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These locals already take part

and would love YOUR support.

This list will grow. Help us that more locals get involved. Share this with your local and tell the owners about

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What’s this all about?

With this initiative we would like to support our locals that are always there for us. We want to help them to get through these tricky times. 

This website is a private initiative and non profit-orientated. 100%  of your donation will go to your local of choice. All the links from this website are not paid for. We don’t receive any commission from the pub owners nor the service provider who process the payments.

Who can be part of this?

Business owners in the catering industry

You are the owner of a local establishment (pub, bar, club, restaurant, cafe etc.)? Then encourage your (loyal) customers to get through those difficult times with you together. Make sure you stay financially stable.

All the others:

Due to the governments restrictions you are forced to spend your evenings at home. In the best case scenario you see your friends through face time and your after work drink is currently on hold. The money that you usually would spend on drinks and snacks is missing from your local economy. Help them with a small donation! Share this website with your friends and start your own virtual pub tour.



IMPORTANT: In order to prevent fraud the shout-out needs to happen on the pubs website as well. If you don’t have your own website, you can easily create one with the help of services specialised on website design.

DOUBLE IMPORTANT: if you see any appeal on this website that doesn’t look right, please do not hesitate to inform us- we will remove it immediately


There are several ways, in the end it is up to you how you want it to look like. In the following we would like to show you the potential possibilities and especially how easy it is to help. What matters to us: it should be visible on the local’s website- preferably on the welcome page.

Last but not least:
SHARE and Spread the love

This project can only become successful if you share this website and convince the people around you to participate

If you are financially affected yourself by the current circumstances, please share the website loudly.

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Thank you!