Start your initiative!

It’s super easy to ask your loyal customers for help. Here are several ways how to encourage them even more.

You own a bar, club or cafe? You are hit by the corona crisis drastically? You are awaiting impatiently the governmental support and you are worrying about the survival of your establishment. So why not ask the people who would usually support you?

Your Guests

There are several possibilities that could work. Pick a solution that’s suitable the most for YOU and your guests. Here are some great options.

That’s what you need to do:


Explain your initiative on your website or Facebook account.


Fill in and send the form to us. We will add your establishment to our list.


That’s how you can reach a wider audience.

Things you could do

First of all, please be aware that won’t do all the work to start the initiative that’s supposed to save your establishment. Predominately we want to show you what tools you can use to make your initiative happen.

Here are some engaging ideas what kind of initiative you could drive to also give something back to your guests. Always keep in mind that you can also combine those ideas or even come up with a complete new one.

You can sell vouchers through an online shop that your guests can use after your re-opening.

Another way could be to sell your products beforehand, like a prepaid beer! That’s super easy if you already own an online shop if not there are tools like Jimdo, Woocommerce or Shopify to build one

Why not selling tickets for an “end of Corona” party.

People love a good merch, especially loyal customers. This option would be the most suitable for you if you already have a line of merch products.

What about a crowd-funding project? There are many ways to start an initiative like this, follow this link to get some ideas.

Let’s not forget about the good old charity initiative, below you find a list with ideas how this could look like.

Your initiative: How you can collect money

Here is a list of possibilities how to collect money. You can also combine those ideas or think of a complete different way to collect money.

Paypal gives you the opportunity to receive donations with only one click. Just log in with your paypal account and go to offers you another platform to establish and monitor a charity event offers you the possibility to be supported by your guests, but just like Patreon the platform is more for artists and creative people. But it is still worth a look.

Buy me a coffee

You have another idea how you could support your favourite pub?

Or you as the owner have come up with something else?

Let us know:

Disclaimer: Please talk to your tax advisor about how the acceptance of payments (donations) for your business can be presented in accounting terms. The aim is to secure your liquidity and thus the existence of your business.

One more note: the whole project is in no way profit-oriented. We – the operators of this website do not earn anything from the donations or other things. We wish you much success with your donation campaigns.

Let’s party

Once this whole corona craziness is over! We would definitely encourage you to inform your guest about your initiative in an engaging way. Below are some examples.

As a “thank you” for your guests support you could 

– throw a MASSIVE party

– give them a free drink token for their next visit

– offer them a discount that’s worth their donation 

Be part of it

Last but not least: SHARE and Spread the love

This project can only become successful if you share this website and convince the people around you to participate

If you are financially affected yourself by the current circumstances, please share the website loudly.

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