SaveYourPub is a charity project. We want to help the gastronomy industry that is hit by the ‘corona crisis’. We show how to start charity initiatives as a Pub, bar, café, … 

Everyone can do something during the corona pendemic. The internet is a great place to ask for help or start a (little) new business. We are listing some ideas for you – we are sure that you find the right solution for your business.


Most people want to use Paypal for their transactions – there are other ways, but Paypal is very common and easy to set up. We have created a simple PDF tutorial for you.

So you can easily set up a PayPal donation button.

We don’t make a cent on your fund-raising campaigns. We just want to help you to bridge the time until you have fat parties or a relaxed after-work beer again.

The idea for SaveYourPub came to us when our after-work beer in our favorite pub had to be cancelled due to Corona. Very simple. No more and no less.

It’s quite simple. Once you have set up your campaign, you can enter your campaign and location in our form. After a short review, we will create a page for your location on our site so that your guests can find your location on SaveYourPub.

If you have a donation button, it will also be used directly.